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Why Upscale Downstairs?

Because we specialize in basements…you can expect:

1. Value – Due to our high volume of basement finishes, we have made special arrangements with our subcontractors and suppliers, improving our consistently competitive prices. In fact, our prices are so good that we guarantee you won’t find a better price for the same quality, even if you hired the workers yourself!

2. Quality – By assigning specialized workers, not “do-it-all handymen,” to do every phase of your project, we promise high quality. These professionals combine to give Upscale Downstairs well over 100 years of industry experience. Additionally, we use over 12 quality-control checklists per project to maintain consistent excellence on every job.

3. Integrity – Honesty is sometimes the backbone of Upscale Downstairs. We promise upfront answers to your questions – the first time. We will never “add-on” extra charges to the end of the project without your approval.

4. Professionalism – When you deal with Upscale Downstairs, you deal with professionals. From employees dressed in uniform, to a courteous voice on the phone, we will treat you with respect.

5. Speed – Again by specializing, we have developed a unique “fast-track” approach to basement finishes, increasing the speed of the project without decreasing the quality.

6. Flexibility – We offer numerous solutions to your unique situation. Sweat equity, financing, itemized options, and extended-term completion are all possibilities with Upscale Downstairs.

7. Experience – Because we finish more basements than anyone else, we have specific answers to common basement issues, such as sound control, accessibility, theaters, creative floor plans, moisture mitigation, and concrete conditions. Remember, we specialize – many other companies who routinely shift from building homes to bathrooms to basements don’t consider these challenges, let alone offer solutions.

8. Cleanliness – Although we can’t promise a dust free experience, we do promise that your job will be “broom clean” at the end of each day. More importantly, we promise that all Upscale Downstairs employees will be clean – from drugs and alcohol.

9. Safety – Safety takes priority on every Upscale Downstairs project. We employ a proactive safety plan, a very extraordinary practice in the remodeling industry. In the rare case that an accident does occur, all parties working on the job are properly licensed, relieving you of any liability.

10. Warranty – We will stand by you. With over 5,000 parts going into your basement finish, there always remains a possibility that something small may go wrong, no matter how hard we try to prevent it. Simply call us, and we’ll come out at no charge to cheerfully correct it. Check out our warranty statement for more details about this comforting offer.

Because we specialize in basements…you can relax.

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