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Mark Davis needed a contractor to help him get his basement apartment finished to new city requirements. He chose Upscale Downstairs. In the end, he liked the company enough that he asked them to finish another basement at an additional property.

Here’s what he said about the experience:

“They came over promptly when I was looking for bids and got me an estimate fast. The bid was very reasonable, and itemized so I could compare with other offers. Needless to say, he beat the other offers.

The work got started quickly and moved along very nicely. It was wonderful to check on the project at the end of each day and see such fast progress.

All of Upscale Downstairs’ workers and subcontractors are first rate people, very personable, polite, and friendly. The work was done with minimum disruption to our life -- they were very clean and neat -- no piles of rubble or dirt tracked around.

The existing carpet and furniture had to stay in place on one of the projects, while all around walls were moved, new drywall installed, trim and doors fit, heating and plumbing and electrical work changed. They were very careful with the existing furnishings and everything survived the project perfectly well.

The work quality was first rate, and they were very creative about working with unexpected conditions. The work was done on schedule, it was done just as promised, and it was done at the agreed price with no surprise up charges.

I have done lots of work with contractors in the past, and I can honestly say that I’ve had no better experience with any company than with Upscale Downstairs.

Our basement is a new and wonderful place! We love it.”

Thanks, Mark!

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  - Mark Davis