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How much will it cost to finish my basement in Utah?

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The best way to find out is to call us at (801) 623-9078 for a free consultation! Or use our online contact form to schedule a free cost estimate.

Of course, costs to finish a basement vary from house to house and state to state. Here in Utah, potential clients often ask how much it will cost to refinish their basement prior to our free on-site assessment and bid. We remind our clients that basement finishing costs change based upon variable factors including the following:

1. What is the size of the project?
(Remember, very small areas generally cost more per square foot than an average-size basement project due to economies of scale.)

2. How many bathrooms (if any) will be added?

3. Will there be a kitchen or wet bar?

4. What flooring surfaces will be used?

5. What styles will be used for lighting and plumbing fixtures?

6. Will new windows be added, and will any adjustments have to be made for egress windows in new sleeping rooms?

7. How difficult will it be to extend existing plumbing, electrical, voice, and data lines to the new area?

8. Will the space become a separate or legal accessory apartment?

9. What size are the existing heating and cooling systems?

10. What rooms will be part of the basement finishing project?

11. Will a separate entrance be added?

The cost per square foot for basement finishing in Utah ranges from $20 per square foot to more than $100 per square foot. Of course these costs are entirely dependent on the factors described above.

Just remember, the cost per square foot to finish your basement doesn't tell the full story, but it can give you a general idea of the costs. To receive a more detailed analysis of the costs to finish your basement, contact Upscale Downstairs for a free on-site consultation!

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