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Utah Basement Finishing Challenges

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Whether you decide to finish the basement yourself or hire a Utah basement finishing contractor, there are special considerations when finishing (or refinishing) a basement in Utah. Every home is different; but our experience has shown the following challenges and considerations are typical of basement finishing/refinishing jobs in Utah.

1. Lifestyle Needs: Many growing families in Utah finish the basement to provide additional space. Others will finish the basement to provide recreational, theater, and general gathering rooms. Many more finish their Utah basement as a retreat from the busy main level. In any case, it is important to consider your present and future needs. Finish or refinish a basement that you can grow with.

2. Resale: Everyone asks about maximizing the resale value of their finished basement. Here is the number one key to maximizing the resale value of your finished basement:

Don’t go cheap on the basement! The basement should be as nice as the rest of the house. Although basement styles don’t necessarily need to match the upstairs, the overall finished basement design and quality should fit well with the existing home. Smaller details, like number of bathrooms or bedrooms, tubs vs. showers, etc., will have much less impact on resale value. A “handyman” or do-it-yourself job that is not properly done will actually devalue the home. Don’t hire a contractor, either, that hasn’t had experience with basements or offers the cheapest bid. Instead, spend time and money making the quality at least as good as the rest of your home. Potential buyers can deal with different floor plans and smaller details, but will quickly be turned off by poor quality!

3. Utah’s Extreme Climate: Hot summers and cold winters make Utah basements unique. Special building products, however, are available to remedy this problem. Insulated flooring, for example, can keep the basement floor soft and cozy throughout the year. Water is always a concern, as demonstrated by the many flooded basements of 2005.

4. Local Code & Zoning Laws: Every local government has certain codes and zoning laws that must be considered during basement construction projects. Because of our Utah basement work, Upscale Downstairs is familiar with local codes which influence how basements are finished. Our experience will save you trouble and mistakes. Arc fault breakers, egress windows, fire blocking, pressure treated plates, and venting are among the issues you should be aware of if you finish the basement yourself.

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