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This is an unfortunate story where a homeowner unknowingly started a basement project with a dishonest contractor. Although most contractors are fair and honest, this is one of those “bad guys” who gives the rest of us a bad name. After 5 months of headaches, and thousands of lost dollars, the owner called Upscale Downstairs for help. We provided an expert evaluation of the completed work, with suggestions on how to proceed. Looking back, the home owner said:

Upscale Downstairs gladly stepped in and supplied me with an expert opinion on how the original contractor should have treated me. My previous builder came highly referred, but deadlines kept slipping and costs continued adding up for 5 months. I sorely needed a professional company like Upscale Downstairs to help me, which they did. I highly recommend Upscale Downstairs to anyone thinking of finishing off their basement for I trust that they deal with their clients honestly and fairly. Upscale Downstairs’ help is every bit the expert and detailed kind of work that I expected to receive the first time that I paid for it all to be done!

  - Anonymous

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