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Get More for Less | Posted at 02 Aug 2007

It’s seems that everyday we hear about “rewards programs," especially from credit card companies. In my experience, most sound nice but in reality are disappointing. Put $50K on your card, get one-way air to Nephi. So far, for me, only the Cabelas program has been gratifying – and that’s just because I’m happy to earn a FREE fishing fly every so often (a whopping $1.25 retail value). However, I want you to see, no – I want you to experience how Upscale Rewards is different.

First, there are many ways to earn points. Basically, do anything that might promote our business and you earn points. That might be placing a sign in your yard, writing a testimonial, or attending one of our free design classes. Most commonly, and perhaps easiest of all, refer a friend or colleague to Upscale Downstairs. (You both get points when it happens that way.)

Many of our past and present clients are doing these types of things already, and we feel they should be rewarded. And for the rest of you, hey, why not get some free stuff? You don’t have to be a client – or even own a home or have a basement – to join in.

Second, the rewards are seriously nice items. Not AM Walkmans or logoed Frisbees. We offer nice incentives like Bed & Breakfast stays, day spa retreats, Nintendo Wii systems, Thanksgiving Point golf passes, Prada purses and even 50” HD TVs and cruises to the Mexican Riviera. (No, I’m sorry we don’t have any FREE fishing flies available – although we do offer a guided fly fishing trip!)

Most importantly, these items are relatively easy to earn. Consider our popular Nintendo Wii party bundle – fully equipped for a good time. Impossible to earn? Not really. Say you refer three friends to Upscale Downstairs (300 points). Two of them hire us (1200 points). Now get yourself a free Wii (1000 points) and still have points left over for a mind-blowing escape to Sego Lily Day Spa (500 points). Maybe take both of your friends with you to the spa – they came to us as a referral (600 points each) so they’ll also have more than enough points to come along. See why Upscale Rewards is different?

OK, I know what you’re thinking but NO - a program like this does not increase our overhead/sales price. In fact, it just lowered it by reducing the amount of less-effective marketing that we’d spend elsewhere. And no, this isn’t an MLM (although if your three friends each get three friends…just kidding!). Truly, this is a fun and simple way to get free stuff by helping spread the word: Upscale Downstairs is the leader when it comes to Utah basements.

To check out all the details, click here.

Until next time,

Cory, the Bloggin Builder

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