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Avoiding Remodeling Hell | Posted at 14 Nov 2006

One popular cartoon is said to demonstrate the stress of large remodeling projects. In this depiction, people are lined up in front of two sets of stairs – one going down to “Hell,” the other ascending to “Remodeling Project.” The line for “Hell” is much longer, as it is the preferred destination for people.

At Upscale Downstairs, we have several programs in place to make “remodeling projects” a more popular destination. We're not perfect, but we are sure trying. We value and welcome your suggestions and experiences, too.

One of the most important keys to reducing stress is proper planning. As a design/build company, we begin by creating a custom floor plan for every project, something we're able to do well because we’re basement specialists. Then, at the initial design meeting, what we call the “pre-pre,” we go over the floor plan with our clients, making changes as requested. At this time, and the subsequent pre-construction (“pre-con”) meeting, we also discuss cabinet layouts, payment schedules, change orders, job-site access, and other potentially stressful issues, making sure everyone is on the same page.

We also invite each client to our design room, located at our model, where they will pick colors, flooring, and other interior elements – all at one spot. You might expect similar programs among large home builders, but such steps are virtually non-existent with remodelers. By having these multiple meetings, typically before any construction begins, we work hard to reduce stress and make the remodeling experience more positive.

As I mentioned, we're not perfect, and in this industry, things don't always go as planned. Still, we acknowledge the stress that comes, and we're leading the pack when it comes to improving the remodeling industry.

If you have any suggestions or experiences that might help us or another homeowner, please post your comments here.

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